You Can Now Buy Dennis Hopper’s Record Collection for $150,000

It’s been over six years since the world lost acclaimed actor and director Dennis Hopper, but his legacy lives on in myriad ways. Up next, Hopper’s truly unique vinyl collection has made its way online.

As FACT points out, Hopper’s entire vinyl collection has been listed for sale through the high-end fashion retailer Moda Operandi. The records were provided by Hopper’s daughter Marin, who also sells her own fashion designs on the site.

The collection only features 110 records, which is not too many considering its steep $150,000 USD price tag. Still, it’s a unique batch records in that many the records include hand-written notes to Hopper from the artists. There are also some unreleased records in the collection.

Hopper’s record collection includes music from the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Fleetwood Mac, Leonard Cohen and Miles Davis, among others. If you feel like ponying up some serious cash for this odd collection, go here.
You Can Now Buy Dennis Hopper's Record Collection for $150,000

You Can Now Buy Dennis Hopper's Record Collection for $150,000