Trevor Daniel Is Numb to His Feelings in ‘Falling’ Video


Rising artist Trevor Daniel isn't "Falling" f the Billboard Hot 100 chart anytime soon, as his top 40 hit got the music video treatment Wednesday (Jan. 15), which portrays his lowest point after a breakup.

With viral TikTok videos to thank for the song's resurgence after its late 2018 release, the ficial video for "Falling" beautifully captures Daniel hitching a ride around California canyons, sitting atop a hill rocks, reading a book in the middle the water and standing upside down on a mountain. The scenic imagery is further tormented by five dancing waiters who artfully depict the singer's post-breakup sadness with their choppy, yet harmonized choreography.

"Think I'm out my mind, 'cause I can't get enough/ Only one that I give my time, 'cause I got eyes for ya/ Might make an exception for ya, 'cause I been feelin' ya/ Think I might be out my mind, I think that you're the one," he drones about his ex in the bridge as he stays put in a sunken position for the majority the clip.

The electronic/R&B melody floats above the beauty around him, masking the ugliness  feeling attached to girlfriends he's lost.

Watch the "Falling" music video below.