Tove Lo Talks Admiration For Billie Eilish, How a ‘Girls’ Episode Inspired New Album Title ‘Sunshine Kitty’: Watch

Tove Lo recently stopped by the Billboard fice to discuss her love Billie Eilish, chat about working with Finneas, and open up about her forthcoming album Sunshine Kitty, and how the title was inspired by an episode Girls.

Speaking with Billboard’s Lyndsey Havens, Tove Lo was asked about her recent Instagram post, in which she revealed that she attended a Billie Eilish concert in London alone, and called the 17-year-old singer “the coolest fuckin artist that just hits my heart.”

Posed with the question how artists like Eilish have inspired and encouraged her to try new things in the studio, Tove Lo tells Billboard that Eilish is “just really staying true to her and doing exactly what she wants and not compromising in any way.”

“Even though the way I write all my songs are a different vibe, I still feel like…since I started, it's been very important to me to stay true to who I am,” Tove Lo continues. “Her and her brother, Finneas, obviously have this great way writing together and bringing out the best in each other.”

While on the subject Finneas, the Swedish pop star also discusses having worked with him on some new music. Calling the experience “really fucking awesome,” she points out that he is “really, really talented” and an “amazing” writer and producer. “He's gonna go far in this world,” she adds.

In the interview, Tove Lo discusses her forthcoming record Sunshine Kitty, as well, stating that the title plays on a few things, including “pussy power.”

I feel like it's a kind happy way using that word,” she says, divulging that it comes from an episode the television show Girls in which Lena Dunham’s character is admiring someone’s facial glow. It turns out that the glow isn’t from makeup, but it is instead from tanning her vagina to soak up the energy the sun.

“I just thought that was amazing, and it made me feel good and happy,” she confesses, also noting that the animated lynx character (which can be seen in the lyric video for her new song “Glad He’s Gone”) will play a big part in the visual aspect the record.

“Lo means lynx in Swedish, which is kind my spirit animal,” she says. “That will be a big part the visual aspect it, and it's really cute, and I can't wait to show it to you guys when it's done.”

You can watch the full video interview with Tove Lo above, and listen to “Glad He’s Gone” below.