Tove Lo Recalls Writing ‘Glad He’s Gone’ During a Vodka-Fueled Session in a Swedish Blizzard: Watch

Tove Lo stopped by the Billboard fice to share the story behind her latest song “Glad He’s Gone,” explaining how a writing session in a Swedish snowstorm inspired the celebratory “friend dating an idiot” breakup anthem.

The song, Tove Lo tells Billboard, was written in Stockholm with Ludvig Söderberg, Jakob Jerlström, and Shellback in a basement studio. “It's pretty dark and cozy and it was during a full blizzard,” she recalls, “So we were kinda snowed in there. It was really nice.”

The singer reveals that it all started when Shellback started playing the guitar and, after collectively figuring out the right chords, vibe, and tempo, Tove Lo began singing the phrase “glad he’s gone” over it without even really thinking about what it meant.

“It kinda just came out and we all started talking about what that would mean,” she shares, adding with a laugh, “It could be a murder-y song, which would feel really dark, and not really the point it.”

Tove Lo admits that currently being “happily in love,” she didn’t feel like she could honestly sing about a breakup. Instead, she thought about her friends who were in bad relationships and how it feels once they finally end them.

“We all have friends dating an idiot that we want them to get rid ,” she says. “It's just a celebration when they finally pull the trigger on that, but you still need to be the supportive friend and give them the love and support that they need.”

The singer also admits that some vodka may have been involved when it came to penning some the other lyrics, and that she was likely on glass number four when she got to the line, “Only one dick that's a bummer.”

“It was fun for me to use my voice in a different way,” she confesses. “Less singing and more focusing on telling the story.”

You can hear the full story how Tove Lo’s “Glad He’s Gone” came together in the video above, and listen to the song below.