The Naked and Famous Accidentally Go on a Murderous Rampage in ‘Bury Us’ Watch


The Naked and Famous have a lot digging to do in their new "Bury Us" music video, released today (Feb. 4). 

Take the innocent, colorful theme  The Wiggles' "Fruit Salad" song and mix it with the haphazardly fatal circumstances Scarlett Johansson's Rough Night film, and you'll get the suspense behind Alisa Xayalith accidentally stabbing her significant other while cutting up fruit.

"The boyfriend… dead… fruit salad… I killed him…." she anxiously tells Thom Powers over the phone in a pastel-colored silent film performance. 

But her fruit salad only piles up as the bodies do, after Xayalith and Powers try covering up Beadle's body but keep racking up the dead bodies in their car before she can finally dig into her healthy snack. 

Watch the "Bury Us" music video below.