The Best Reactions To That Girl Lay Lay Crushing The Wild ‘N Out Cast

That Girl Lay Lay is KNOWN for going viral with her fire freestyles, but this weekend the young superstar took it to the next level when she BODIED the Wild ‘N Out cast. Not many can hold their own against the likes of comedian DC Young Fly and battle rapper Charlie Clips, but Lay Lay brought the heat and left the whole audience in awe.

While they weren’t the most intense bars, it was the absolute truth — coming from a girl less than half their age, with all the confidence in the world. Going up against DC, who’d just got through rapping about the young artist thinking she’s grown, Lay Lay said…

“Alright, OK, let’s do it/All y’all wack like your outfits…”

That already had the audience crying laughing, but then she hit ’em with the K.O.

“I been making money since SIX/I work for me, y’all work for Nick!”

… And the crowd went crazy!

THIS Perez Hilton shade also happened…

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