Stephen Puth Reveals the Best Piece of Advice He Received From His Brother Charlie Puth: Watch

In the latest episode 'You Should Know,' Billboard sits down with Stephen Puth to find out when he first began making music, what was the best piece advice he ever received from his brother Charlie Puth, which his songs people unfamiliar with his music should listen to first, and much more.

Puth, who grew up in Rumson, New Jersey, tells Billboard that he once worked as a lifeguard at a nude beach near his hometown. As for when he first started making music, he notes that he was 22 years old when he created his first song.

“I've always played piano,” he adds. “I taught myself guitar, but I kinda thought I was gonna just go through school, get a job in an fice. So I was kinda late to the game.”

 Asked which his songs new listeners should check out first, Puth says that people should start with “Sexual Vibe” to get it out the way.

“Then you can see from ‘Sexual Vibe’ how I've grown into ‘Look Away,’” he explains. “The sounds become more tailored to who I am, and I think starting in that infant phase is actually what makes you get the whole Stephen Puth thing.”

Posed with the question what the most memorable gift he’s ever received has been, Puth jokes, “It's definitely not the gift love,” before replying that it was a watch given to him for his birthday by his brother Charlie.

“It was kind like a congratulations, but it was also incentive,” he says. “You have to keep working hard. That's why I wear it every day. It's not 'cause I'm tryin' to like flex on anyone!”

On the subject his brother, Puth also shared the best piece  advice his brother gave him.

“Being authentic,” he replies. “You're gonna get pulled a thousand ways, but at the end the day, you'll win some battles, you'll lose some — but just try to be you. That, and you wind up learning the most about yourself, so, just sticking to you and being you is what you gotta do.”

You can find out even more about Stephen Puth in the video above.