Stephen Puth is Done Spending Nights ‘Crying My Eyes Out’ On New Single: Listen

Stephen Puth is done feeling the heartbreak from his broken relationship in his latest single "Crying My Eyes Out," which he released today (Nov. 22) Arista Records.

"Baby, no more sleeping at my place/ Told me that you needed space/ How'd I let you get away?" he asks himself remorsefully in the pre-chorus. 

On the heels his successful "Look Away," which was written and co-produced by his older brother Charlie Puth, the younger Puth shifts focus from how his ex "used to look in my eyes, now you look away" to how he's trying to avoid "another night crying my eyes out." Lyrically, the negative repercussions his breakup are reflected in his physical reaction more than his ex's, but musically, the track maintains his signature simmered down pop sound.

Listen to "Crying My Eyes Out" below.