Selena Gomez’s ‘I Needed to Lose You to Find Me’ is Only One Sleep Away

Selena Gomez is just one day away from dropping her new single. The singer teased the song, "I Needed to Lose You to Find Me," on Monday (Oct. 21) with a spooky new teaser, which finds the song's title in white floating in the middle a moon-lit forest at night with the word "me" flickering as the camera zooms in.

Gomez again tagged Spotify in the post, with the streamer re-tweeting the tease.

Selenators have been freaking out over the series childhood photos and cryptic clues that Gomez has been posting over the past week, which have had captions such as "I gave my all and they all know it," "you promised the world" and "we always go into it blindly," which has led to speculation that they could be lyrics to the song from the singer's upcoming as-yet-untitled album.

Gomez hasn't released a full-length album since her sophomore Revival set in 2015 and a spokesperson for the singer told Billboard last week that no additional information was available at press time about the upcoming collection. The singer released the track "Back To You" for the soundtrack to Netflix's 13 Reasons Why series and appeared on Benny Blanco's "I Can't Get Enough" single earlier this year alongside Tainy and J. Balvin.