See Which Female Rappers Made Dinah Jane’s Fierce Takeover Tuesday Playlist

Welcome back to Takeover Tuesday, where each week, Billboard taps chart-topping artists and tastemakers to compile their very own playlist exclusive to Billboard's Spotify account. We give the artists free rein to base the list on whatever subject they choose. The only rule? Make it as creative and unique to them as possible.

Dinah Jane embarked on her first solo tour on Sunday (Nov. 10), starting out in San Francisco and playing Los Angeles' Roxy Theatre on Monday (Nov. 11). The "Bottled Up" singer will also be hitting Chicago and New York on her solo trek, and though the tour is short, Dinah curated a playlist that keeps her pumped while on the road.

The 22-year-old former Fifth Harmony member highlights a number female rappers on her 15-song playlist, including Megan Thee Stallion, Kash Doll, Kamaiyah and Saweetie. Dinah is also clearly brushed up on her up-and-coming rappers, as Roddy Ricch, P-Lo, CeeFoe and Shordie Shordie are also featured on the playlist. 

Regardless the artist, Dinah Jane promises one thing about her playlist: It will definitely lift your spirits. Why? "It’s bad b–ch only vibes!" Dinah Jane says in a statement about the playlist, which course also includes Lizzo, Rihanna and Cardi B. "When you're feelin' a little down, click on this playlist."

Fans who are near the Chicago or New York areas can get tickets to see Dinah Jane live here. Even if you aren't able to see Dinah Jane on her first solo tour, get on her level with the "Bad B–ch Vibes" playlist below.