Ranking All 17 Songs on Justin Bieber’s ‘Changes’: Critic’s Take

Beliebers, the day has finally come: Justin Bieber's Changes has arrived.

Fans that have tuned into Bieber's YouTube docuseries, Seasons, have heard snippets several Changes songs since Jan. 27, but the full 17-track album was released promptly at midnight on Friday (Feb. 14) — much to the pleasure Beliebers around the world (as well as some Justin's famous friends). As Justin has hinted, most the songs are about his wife, Hailey, making its Valentine’s Day release adorably appropriate.

Also as Justin teased, Changes has an R&B flair, calling back to his 2014 compilation Journals. But Changes certainly stands out on its own, with a mix upbeat bangers and heartfelt ballads that are sure to please anyone who gives it a spin.

Check out Billboard's ranking all 17 tracks on Changes below.

17. "Yummy"

Okay, we know this is probably a controversial opinion. But bear with us: There are two versions “Yummy” on Changes, and the rest the album is chock full jams — we couldn’t give “Yummy” too much love! Plus, it’s one the weaker songs lyrically, and the male-female dynamic Summer Walker’s remix gives the song's narrative an extra push. 

16. "All Around Me"

"All Around Me" is a great showcase Bieber’s vocal range, but the melody is kind all over the place. And though Changes isn't as hook-heavy as Purpose, there’s really not a ton about "All Around Me" that makes it particularly memorable.

15. "E.T.A."

The premise "E.T.A." is a creative — and relatable — take on Bieber's love for Hailey, longing for his lady to get back home. The sultry electric guitar helps set the mood for Bieber's eager pleas ("Love me hard like, 'Where you been?'/ Love me like you don't want it to end"), but the slow-burning chorus falls a little flat.

14. "Take It Out on Me"

Another unique expression love, "Take It Out pn Me" is Bieber's promise to be Hailey's outlet when she's having an f day. (He's even willing to be her "punching bag" — if that's not love we don't know what is.) While the thumping beat is a nice contrast to Bieber's impassioned vocals on the chorus, the melody isn't as affecting as it could be.

13. "Get Me" (feat. Kehlani) 

Vocally, these two are a match made in R&B heaven. The snapping beat and swirling production also complement BIeber's and Kehlani's smooth tones, and the "ha ha ha"-filled chorus makes "Get Me" a fun sing-along. Overall it's not quite as strong as the other collabs on Changes, but there's no denying it's a jam.

12. "At Least For Now" 

One the most heartfelt vocals on the album, "At Least For Now" gives Bieber a chance to flex his falsetto. The sentiment is bittersweet, with Justin battling his own fears that his anxiety could get in the way his relationship. But at least for now, things are great, and the song's piano-sprinkled production sweetly represents that.

11. "Come Around Me" 

"Come Around Me" is kind like the older brother to "Yummy": While they're sonically pretty different, they're both more geared toward Justin's sex life than his love life, and "Come Around Me" has zero inhibitions (i.e. "Let's get it in expeditiously"). Even if the sex talk is a little much for some, at least the undulating chorus is infectious.

10. "Second Emotion" (feat. Travis Scott)

Fans got a more downtempo Justin-Travis collab on Purpose, so it was only appropriate that the two kicked things up a notch for their latest team-up. The escalating chorus is one the most unique on Changes, and the racing production — which is slightly reminiscent Drake's "Headlines" — elevates both the chorus and Scott's verse.

9. "Yummy" (Summer Walker Remix)

While it isn't immediately apparent upon listening the original version "Yummy," the song definitely benefits from a female voice — especially because Summer's verse confidently reiterates Justin's infatuation ("I got that yum-yum," she declares). Their tones also work well together, making it the male-female duet we didn't even know we needed.  

8. "Confirmation" 

Two things that make this track somewhat confusing: Justin randomly starts the song over after the first two lines, and there's no mention the word "confirmation" anywhere in the song. But neither take away from the effect  the song, as it's a cool combination  ballad, love song and R&B slow jam.

7. "Running Over" (feat. Lil Dicky) 

It seems Lil Dicky's "Earth" sparked a friendship between him and the Biebs, and we certainly don't mind it. The rapper's witty verse is a bit an odd contrast to the rolling melody the song, but it's also the perfect addition to Justin's playfully love-inspired lyrics. 

6. "Changes" 

As the titular track on the album, "Changes" was sure to be impactful — and it lived up to the expectation. One two solely acoustic songs on the LP, "Changes" allows Justin's voice to soar. In turn, that allows for his vulnerability to shine as he tells his personal tale life's ever-evolving test resilience. 

5. "Available" 

Among all the Changes songs that fawn over Hailey, there's still one that sees Justin feeling like he may be losing his lover. Whether or not "Available" is actually inspired by true events, it's an interesting reality check that no love is perfect. And besides, Justin still flawlessly hits all sorts notes across the verses and the chorus, so at least we get a great song out his occasional despair? 

4. "That’s What Love Is" 

By the time you get to track 15 on Changes, it's pretty evident that this man is in love. Yet, "That's What Love Is" stands out in a major way, particularly because the acoustic guitar-driven track puts Bieber's wholehearted vocals on full display. The song is nothing but romantic, as Justin sings about everything he feels for Hailey without even touching her. Though there will never be a "That's What Love is" performance as special as when Justin sang it to Hailey at their wedding reception, it's bound to be a highlight the Changes Tour. 

3. "Forever" (feat. Post Malone & Clever)  

There's a lot elements to "Forever" that make it intriguing: The plinking production, the staccato chorus, Post Malone's very Posty verse and Clever's punchy lines. All those features also make it one the most distinctive tracks on the R&B-flavored album, and make it equally as fun to dance to as it is to sing "Forever-ever-ever" over and over. 

2. "Intentions" (ft. Quavo) 

While Justin Bieber is a shoo-in for pop radio at this point, "Intentions" is easily the most radio-friendly track on Changes. The bright beat and oscillating melody emphasize Justin and Quavo's lovestruck sentiments to their respective leading ladies (Quavo is dating fellow rapper Saweetie), making "Intentions" a feel-good song for anyone no matter their relationship status. Also, shoutout to the inspired use the sound a soda can opening before the chorus kicks in.

1. "Habitual"

Justin himself declared "Habitual" "one my favorites" on the album in episode three  Seasons, and one listen makes it easy to hear why. The throbbing, wavy production is captivating in itself, and then top that with Justin's silky voice and you have yourself a winner. "Habitual" might not be the catchiest song on Changes, but it's the quintessential representation what Bieber wanted to achieve with the album: to deliver that R&Bieber, and to tell Hailey just how much he loves her.