OMG: Shaq’s Feet Are Scary AF

Anything goes on television nowadays — even if you’re a respectable sports analyst.

OMG: Shaq’s Feet Are Scary AF

Remember when took funny and gross to the another level on Inside the NBA back in 2017 when he took off his shoe and revealed his shockingly gruesome foot. The guys on the panel nearly barfed. Ernie Johnson said Shaq’s foot looked like “a potato and four toes.” Brace yourself and see below.


Surprisingly, the former NBA star’s didn’t go in on him too much; but the Internet sure did:

Apparently, Shaq’s feet are what happens when you win four championship rings, but even he has to know his feet are gross as f**k. This isn’t the first time he’s proudly bared his twisted toes. Last Summer, he had the Internet LOL’ing after he posted a pic of his foot donned in electric blue nail polish.



Clearly, Shaq is in on the joke with everyone else. He even got a pedicure, LIVE with Michael Strahan and Sara Haines on Good Morning America back in January. 


We still ride hard for, Shaq! Happy National ‘I Love My Feet’ Day.