Miley Cyrus Gets ‘Freedom’ & Yoko Ono Tattoos: See Photos

Miley Cyrus has added some new ink to her body, as seen in photos shared by Los Angeles tattoo artist Daniel Winter, aka Winter Stone.

Winter posted a few photos referencing Cyrus on Instagram over the weekend: one shows a delicate "freedom" tattoo by her knuckles, while another features a handwritten note from Yoko Ono.

"FREEDOM #freedom #mothersdaugter #mileycyrus #singleneedle #delicatelysharp #tattoo," he captioned the first set photos, which features a look at the fresh "freedom" tattoo and a selfie with Cyrus, who sings about freedom in the She Is Coming track "Mother's Daughter": "Don't f— with my freedom/ I came up to get me some/ I'm nasty, I'm evil/ Must be something in the water or that I'm my mother's daughter."

"I’m proud you, yoko," he wrote, sharing the words the second tattoo. "Hand written note to @mileycyrus from @yokoonoficial what a special tattoo for you Miley! I was honored to tattoo this for you!"

Check out the snapshots below.


FREEDOM #freedom #mothersdaugter #mileycyrus #singleneedle #delicatelysharp #tattoo

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