Mark Ronson Falls in Love With a Disguised Camila Cabello in Cinematic ‘Find U Again’ Watch

Mark Ronson's video for "Find U Again" featuring Camila Cabello was ficially unveiled on Tuesday (July 9).

The clip, directed by Bradley & Pablo and reminiscent an old western film, starts with a character named The Duke, who receives a call and learns that there's a bounty on Cabello's head. She races f to find Cabello, who is hiding behind a blonde wig, a rhinestone-encrusted body suit, and two back-up dancers at Club Heartbreak while putting on a stellar performance for party one, Mr. Ronson.

At the end, The Duke & Co. bust into the club, but Ronson and Cabello make it out just in time as they drive away in the producer's car and Cabello reveals her brunette locks. Shot in half black and white, half color, the LA-based video has a retro, vintage feel, which perfectly suits Ronson's work.

"Find U Again" is from Ronson's latest album, Late Night Feelings, out now RCA Records.

Watch the dramatic clip below.