Madilyn Bailey Shares a Story of Heartbreak and Redemption Across Two New Singles: Exclusive

Ever-productive singer-songwriter Madilyn Bailey delivers two new singles today (Dec. 5) with “All My Oxygen” and “Tastes Like Karma,” which contain a natural thematic connection.

The artist and YouTuber — Bailey recently celebrated her channel’s ten year anniversary — has built a solid reputation with her steady output covers and original music, but she steps it up a notch with a dual release that captures the entire arc an imperiled relationship. 

The two tracks are powerful vocal showcases equally matched by the cinematic production for “Oxygen” and flashy pop treat “Karma.” It’s a fitting dynamic despite the vastly different situations that each song focuses on. 

“‘All My Oxygen’ tells the story a toxic, one-sided relationship that I was in,” Bailey tells Billboard. “We’ve all heard the saying put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others, and the same can be said about a relationship. Even though, more than anything, I wanted to save this person from their demons, I ultimately had to make the decision to save myself first.” 

If “All My Oxygen” deals with the weight confronting a tough decision, “Tastes Like Karma” finds Bailey reaping the rewards taking that step. The latter also benefits from an unmistakably assured sense optimism that’s been renewed from her current, stronger relationship. 

“When we treat ourselves right, we open ourselves up to the side karma that gives instead takes,” she shares. “When I met my future husband Jimmy, everything I had been through to get to him made sense and more than that, it made me grateful for what I went through.”

The combination allows Bailey to share her whole experience with the weight hindsight and relief a better future. 

Check out the double release from Madilyn Bailey below.