‘Lion King’ Star Shahadi Wright Joseph Makes Empowering Debut With ‘Skin I’m In’: Exclusive

The actor and vocalist, 14, releases her debut single ahead ‘The Lion King’ hitting theaters.

At just fourteen years old, singer/actress Shahadi Wright Joseph is making a big statement for women everywhere with her debut single, “Skin I’m In,” premiering exclusively Billboard today (July 11).

“I’m loving this skin I’m in, I’m in/ But at times it can get so hard/ I’m loving this skin I’m in, I’m in/ But I’m bigger than my scars,” she sings over an infectious beat followed by anthemic chanting. Blending a sweet mix pop and R&B, the track feels like a fun and youthful breath fresh air.

“‘Skin I’m In’ is an anthem to remind us all to love ourselves on our best and worst days,” Joseph tells Billboard  the track, which allows the multi-hyphenate to truly solidify the message that girls should love the skin that they’re in. “Daily challenges are unavoidable but can be taken in stride when we choose to say, 'I am enough.'"

Joseph also stars in the live-action remake Disney’s The Lion King as Young Nala alongside Beyoncé, Donald Glover and Seth Rogen; the film hits theaters on July 19. This is also Joseph's second time playing Nala, as when was just nine years old, she made history as the youngest actress to play the character in the Broadway production. Joseph also starred in the 2019 Jordan Peele-directed film Us, alongside Lupita Nyong’o and Elisabeth Moss.

Listen to Joseph's debut single one day early below.