Jenna Raine Announces New EP, Rewrites Her Fairy Tale in ‘Be Like You’ Exclusive

Rising teen talent Jenna Raine unveils the magical video for her new single “Be Like You” on Thursday (Sept. 12) exclusively  Billboard.

“Well maybe you should think twice/ Would you wanna be like you?/ How you gonna reply?/ Would you wanna be like you?/ Ain’t no reason to be mean like/ Would you wanna be like you?” Raine intones on the track’s reflective chorus as she smashes the proverbial magic mirror.

In the fairy tale-themed clip, the 15-year-old singer/songwriter rewrites the classic story Snow White, playing both the role the fairest princess them all and the evil queen who despises her.

“The idea behind the song is if you were to look at yourself and your actions in a mirror, would you be happy with the person you saw?” Raine tells Billboard. “I knew I wanted to incorporate the mirror concept into the video as well and was inspired by the Magic Mirror in Snow White. In the video, I play both the hero and the villain as I try to figure out what kind person I want to be."

“Be Like You” is the lead single f the pop singer's sophomore EP the same name, which is set to be released Oct. 25. Before her EP drops, she’ll be performing at Disney’s Du Jour Dance Party at Disneyworld’s Epcot Center on Friday (Sept. 13) and Saturday (Sept. 14).

Watch the exclusive premiere “Be Like You” below.