Jacob Collier Shows Off Stunning Compositions Behind NPR’s Tiny Desk: Watch

Jacob Collier is no stranger to performing in small spaces — most his YouTube performances are based in his miniscule home studio — but Monday (July 22) marked the North London-based singer's first visit to to NPR's Tiny Desk Concert space. 

"It just feels like such a tremendous, ridiculous honor to sit behind this hallowed desk," said Collier after opening with the jazzy "Make Me Cry," the debut single f his recent album, Djesse Vol. 2.

Known for his intricate compositions, Collier and his fellow musicians — including two female back-up singers who mirrored his croon-y, lounge singer vocals — switched between instruments throughout the performance: a drummer doubled as a xylophonist, while Collier, dressed in a brightly pattered sweater, himself dabbled in acoustic bass and piano.

Before jumping into a chilling performance "Feel," Collier announced he'd spent the last year making four full-length albums, Vol. 2 marking the second out four. 

For his final song, the folk singer performed a track he'd written just days before, specfically tailored to the  Tiny Desk environment. Opening with a series claps, "It Don't Matter" quickly evolved into a jazzy track backed by Collier's melodica (a keyboard-harmonica hybrid). 

Check out Collier's full performance below.