Ionte’ Promotes Awareness On New Joint “Anxiety Runs Deep”

Ionte’ has been moving fast lately, with the release of a special joint titled “Anxiety Runs Deep”, shedding light on problems that are not often talked about, especially in the Hip-Hop culture. 

“Anxiety Runs Deep,” as its title suggests, talks about the widespread problem of anxiety in today’s North American societies, from shootings to extreme globalization, mental disorders, and drug use. 

This enlightening track includes everything we love about traditional Hip-Hop, thanks to a dreamy melody loop and a steady beat that allow Ionte’ s unmatchable flow to layer atop with style and utmost mastery. 

The awareness he spreads with “Anxiety Runs Deep” separates him from other rappers and reinforces his status as an emerging force to be reckoned with. 2020 looks bright!