Indie Pop-Rocker Funeral Advantage Debuts Bright New Album ‘Nectarine’: Premiere

Tyler Kershaw has created music below the moniker Funeral Advantage during the last six years, and the Massachusetts native has constructed a loyal fan base along with his sincere lyrics and dreamy manufacturing. But as he started making his newest album, Nectarine — premiering on Billboard in the present day (Feb. 21) — Kershaw realized that being so weak was really taking a toll on him.

“I used to be having a tough time referring to my earlier output," the singer says in a press release. "I needed to make artwork about issues aside from myself and my experiences."

The end result that revelation was a set seven songs the place Kershaw performed narrator somewhat than the lead character. Nectarine is targeted on the thought balancing a mentally sound private life and the facade individuals tentimes placed on for others, soundtracked by ethereal melodies and vivid beats reminiscent '80s power-pop.

Though Kershaw's voice continues to be hauntingly subdued amid Nectarine's echoing manufacturing, every track is noticeably extra upbeat than Funeral Advantage's previous materials: tracks corresponding to "Black House" and "Take Me Down" observe within the danceable footsteps the album's lead single "Peach Nectarine," and even the extra downtempo moments like "Bad Magnet" introduce heavier electrical guitar than previous Funeral Advantage tunes. The album's constructive sound mirrors the change Kershaw was trying to make along with his new method, which in flip resulted in an evolution for Funeral Advantage as an entire.

"As the listener, I don't assume anybody cared moreover me what the songs have been really about," he suggests. "But the top end result Nectarine] ended up popping out sounding peculiar to me, simply as a result of method I framed what I used to be writing about. This album, directly, sounds each very very similar to a Funeral Advantage album, and in addition nothing like a Funeral Advantage album to me."

Kershaw enlisted good mates to assist document and provides suggestions on Nectarine, which he says has helped Funeral Advantage evolve into one thing he by no means thought it will. "The sounds on this album illustrate that progress completely," he provides. "I hear again on these songs and listen to one thing value returning to."

Nectarine is ficially out there tomorrow (Feb. 22) on Sleep Well Records, however you will get a primary hear on Billboard under.