Gayle & Oprah Defining ‘Snack,’ ‘Thicc,’ And Other Slang Terms Is The Hilarious Content You Need To See Today

BFFs and released a funny new video, in which they try to define contemporary slang.

While Gayle is certain she knows most of the latest phrases, Oprah says she’s not so sure she’s up on game  — well, obviously she didn’t say it like that, but you know what we mean.

From “securing the bag” to “thirst trap” and “receipts,” the clip covers a good amount of today’s slang terms. In one hilarious moment, neither of the ladies know what we mean these days when we say “snack” and when Oprah is informed of the word’s definition, she gets excited and nearly spills tea… “Oh I just had lunch with somebody who was a real snack,” she tells the camera. “I’m not gonna say who it is either — he’s a MEAL.” In the background, Gayle chimes in, saying the mystery man is a “buffet!” Oop!

Watch the cute clip up top.