From Blake Shelton to Michael Jackson, Here Are Pitbull’s 7 Weirdest Collaborations

Pitbull, the king collaborations, has worked with countless artists over the course his career.

The Cuban-American star has brought the Mr. 305 flavor to a number genres, including top 40 pop, hip-hop, country and, course, Latin music. Each his verses are unmistakably Pitbull, with his characteristically raspy voice and confident lyrics.

And while his frequent collaborators include the likes Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez and Chris Brown, the crooner has also linked up with artists that we never would have expected. See below for seven  Pitbull's weirdest and most unexpected collabs.

1. Blake Shelton, "Get Ready"

"Blake, this is far from the 305 Miami magic city lights," Mr. Worldwide tells the country crooner, sitting on a Nashville ranch in their music video for their countrified dance tune, "Get Ready." 

While country isn't always the first genre in mind to play at a club, this fusion works oddly well and is a perfect high-energy song for a night out. 

2. MONSTA X, "Beside U"

Pitbull goes "From Miami to South Korea" for this K-pop crossover. The Cuban singer will team up for "Beside U," f MONSTA X's upcoming album, All About Luv.

3. Taylor Swift, "Blank Space (Remix)" 

After hearing Swift perform the smash hit at the 2014 AMAs, Mr. Worldwide decided to put his own spin on "Blank Space," adding a verse featuring a male perspective.

"Just know I love you no matter how deep the hurt gets/ Love is pain, I grew up f the NBA/ So you know I love this game," he says before Swift dives into the explosive chorus. 

4. Keith Urban, "Sun Don't Let Me Down"

The Shelton collab wasn't Pitbull's first country rodeo. Mr. 305 teamed up with Nile Rodgers to hop on Keith Urban's "Sun Don't Let Me Down," featured on his 2016 album, Ripcord.

5. Kelly Clarkson, "Couldn't Be Better"

Many fans were surprised when Pitbull dipped his toes into the animated world for the 2019 film, UglyDolls. He and the rest the cast joined Kelly Clarkson's character to sing on the soundtrack's "Couldn't Be Better."

"Only the doll makes the party happen," he declares in his verse.

6. Austin Mahone, "Mmm Yeah"

Pitbull put his flair on then-18-year-old Austin Mahone's dance track "Mmm Yeah." The flirty lyrics get amplified from Mr. 305's hype at the beginning the song, when he tells his collaborator: "Austin man keep doin yo thing/ Let these boys keep slippin' man."

7. Michael Jackson, "Bad (Afrojack Remix)"

In celebration the King Pop's Bad 25th anniversary, Afrojack put a remix on the title track featuring Mr. Worldwide himself. The danced-up version features an opening and third verse by the Cuban-American rapper, who references a number MJ classics, such as his moon walk and well-known "hee-hee" sound.