Families We Love: This Hilarious Clip Starring ‘Drunk Will’ Has Fans Begging The Smiths For A Reality Show

The world is obsessed with the Smith family and rightfully so.

Alongside her mom and daughter, has confronted a variety of societal issues with her Red Table Talk series. For his part, pretty much runs Instagram, while starring in blockbuster films and showing a different, highly hilarious side to his family. All in all, they’re a household of true stars and in watching them on social media, in film, in philanthropy, and in music, their stardom is undeniable.

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21st Birthday Vibes 📷: @julietfessel

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That said, they’ve been celebrating ‘s 21st birthday all week, and Will posted several clips from the festivities. In one of them he was LIT and proceeded to tell Jaden that Jada’s the one who really raised him.

“Ima keep it real. I’ve kept from saying this since you were born… most of the decisions that developed you…….. were your mother’s,” saucy Will hilariously admits.

“Who else wants to see more videos like this? Just love this family! They radiate joy,” one user wrote in a comment that got over 4,000 likes.

“Will faded!!! It’s over when the handclap starts,” another wrote.

“Why do you NOT have a show with the family though. Delete the Kardashians, bring THE SMITHS,” yet another fan commented. That fan was one of many who expressed similar sentiment.

See the clip that has social media calling for a Smiths reality TV show below and head to their personal pages for more fun times with our favorite fam bam.

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👏🏽Ima 👏🏽Keep It 👏🏽Real

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