Charlie Puth Shows Off His Perfect Pitch, Plays Musical Genre Challenge on ‘Fallon’: Watch

Charlie Puth dropped by The Tonight Show for a round Musical Genre Challenge and a chat with the show’s host, Jimmy Fallon.

The "Attention" singer sat for a Q&A with Fallon, during which he showed f his special gift: perfect pitch.

Puth can sing any note, at any moment, in the correct key. And he proved it, with Fallon’s backing band, The Roots. “It’s almost like I memorised the notes in my head,” he explained. “I could do it from when I was four years old.”

Hearing notes everywhere in the world has its own problems, as Puth explained. One time, he ended up getting a suspension for those talents.

Watch the clip below.

Puth was also tested in the Musical Genre Challenge. The aim the musical game is to slide a song into another genre, chosen at random.

Puth had his work cut out. Sitting behind the keys, he landed Lizzo’s "Truth Hurts" and had to turn it into a Broadway spectacular. Next up, Puth hit his own “We Don’t Talk Anymore.” flipped as a Doobie Brothers song (since when was Doobie Brothers a genre?).

Check it out below