Billie Eilish’s Influence on Full Display at Greek Theatre Concert: 7 Highlights From LA

“Look me in the face. I’m right here, dude!” she tells her phone-wielding young crowd.

Playing to a sold-out Greek Theatre on Thursday night, Billie Eilish’s influence infiltrated the audience long before she stepped onstage.

It was as if the crowd was a reflection the singer herself: slews teens donning black beanies, neon-green hoodies and baggy pants made it apparent just how much Eilish is idolized by Generation Z.

So when the decidedly creepy visuals that have become a staple her live set started to play, it was no surprise that they were met with a deafening roar — only to grow louder over the next hour.

Below, find the seven best moments from the concert — Eilish's third and final a trio LA shows this week.

An Unexpected Injury

Opening with “bad guy,” Eilish came out bouncing — but only on one leg. Sporting a boot on her left foot, she continued to hop around the stage through “my strange addiction” and “you should see me in a crown,” leading fans to wonder what had caused the injury. Somehow, it still fit her aesthetic, looking like an accessory to her green Gucci set and matching neon locks.


After a high-energy start, the show took a more serious tone when Eilish introduced the next song by saying, “If you absolutely despise yourself, this song is for you.” An emotional performance “idontwannabeyouanymore” followed, giving her whispery voice a chance to stand out among the heavy bass that accompanies her harder tracks.


The stillness the previous song was shattered with hell-like visuals and the arrival a troupe dancers to perform “&burn,” Eilish’s collab with rapper Vince Staples. A four-poster bed fell from above and served as a prop for the dancers, showcasing choreography by Keone and Mari Madrid.

"We're getting the fuck down, yes?"

Eilish took a break to address her injury, stating that she fell down the stairs upon her arrival to the venue. “Look what I did to myself, damn!” Eilish said. “I can’t go as hard as I would like so I need you guys to do that shit for me.” She then asked the crowd to collectively bend down until the final chorus during upcoming song “COPYCAT,” making it clear that she meant everyone. “I don’t care if you’re a mom or a dad. We’re getting the fuck down, yes?” Once Eilish gave the OK, the stunt made for a cathartic eruption energy and bodies, only to be tamed once again when Eilish laid on the floor for the haunting “WHEN I WAS OLDER.”


Continuing to prove that her ster songs are her strongest, Eilish’s performance “xanny” was nothing if not sobering. The audience’s voices joined hers, emphasizing the track’s important message and Eilish’s powerful role-model status.

"i love you"

After playing fan favorites “bellyache” and “bitches broken hearts,” Eilish’s older brother Finneas — her main collaborator and producer. who plays guitar and keys for her onstage — joined her on the bed. “This song we’re about to do is one our favorites we’ve ever written,” Eilish explained. “We wrote it on my bed at 3 a.m. like this, so we’re gonna perform it like this for you.” What followed was beautiful duet “i love you,” with the bed slowly ascending in front a visual the moon. The sweet moment was a reminder just how much has changed for Eilish in such a short amount time, and the two shared a hug as they floated back down to the ground.

"I'm right here, dude!"

Announcing she only had two songs left, Eilish asked one more favor the crowd: to live in the moment. “Like, look me in the face. I’m right here, dude!” Eilish said with a laugh. “Any way you feel, I want you to live in that feeling right now.” The crowd took her request seriously, and for “when the party’s over” and “bury a friend” there were fewer phones in the air than ever before — once again proving Eilish’s power, and how she’s using it for good.

Billie Eilish’s Greek Theatre set list

bad guy
my strange addiction
you should see me in a crown
wish you were gay
all the good girls go to hell
bitches broken hearts
listen before i go
i love you
ocean eyes
when the party’s over
bury a friend