Billie Eilish Duets with Alicia Keys, Shares Tween ‘Fallin’ Cover Video on ‘Late Late Show’: Watch

You could feel the love Monday night (Dec. 9) when Billie Eilish hopped on the Late Late Show couch to hang out with guest host Alicia Keys. The pair bonded over talk Billie's upcoming first trip to the Grammy Awards next month and heaped praise on each other's music, with Keys dubbing herself a "super, super fan" Eilish's tone and vibe. 

"I saw it… f—ing crazy!" Eilish said checking out Keys' cover her "Ocean Eyes" on Instagram. "It was weird because I see a lot covers and I see a lot covers that song and I've also adored you my entire life, so I see a lot videos you so I think one thing that is normal and another thing that's normal in my life combined and that was super not normal to see," Eilish said.

Eilish returned the favor by showing Keys a surprise throwback clip recorded a year before "Ocean Eyes" came out, in which the then-12-year-old singer covered Keys' "Fallin'" at a talent show. The adorable clip a blonde haired Eilish emoting the tune on piano while wearing an American flag cut-f shirt blew Keys away. "We're going to do the next one soon," the fill-in late night host promised, also pledging to take good care Billie at Jan. 20's Grammy Awards, which she is hosting.

And they did, in fact, ending the show with a moving, dimly lit duet on "Ocean Eyes," with Keys playing the melody on her convertible piano desk and Eilish perched on the couch.

Watch Eilish on The Late Late Show below.