Ally Brooke Sings Alongside the Beauty Queens of the Miss Universe Pageant: Watch

Ally Brooke soared through a medley her new tracks at the 2019 Miss Universe pageant — and though she was joined by a few back-up dancers, she got some help from some the gorgeous contestants themselves.

In a sleek and sparkling white suit, Brooke started the show f on a sultry note with "Low Key" as many the Miss Universe contenders — including Miss Australia, Miss Denmark, Miss Haiti and more — surrounded her and worked through elegant choreography with red roses in hand.

She then ditched her jacket and turned up the beat for dance banger "No Good" as more the contestants for the Miss Universe ground strut around her. She kept the adrenaline pumping with "Higher," and wrapped her performance as every single on the Miss Universe hopefuls danced their way to the stage.

Brooke laid the groundwork for her solo career in 2019 with the release these three singles, and her solo debut album is one the most anticipated releases 2020.

Watch Brooke's performance at the Miss Universe pageant below.