Alec Benjamin’s ‘Mind Is a Prison’ in Raw New Single

Alec Benjamin is no stranger to vulnerability. But his new single, "Mind Is a Prison," digs even deeper, telling the tale the impossible mission to escape one's inner thoughts.

He paints the picture the title, his mind as a prison, by describing himself as "just a tenant, paying rent inside this body and I/ Got two windows and those windows, well I'll call them my eyes."

The meloncholy lyrics then transition into an equally emotionally raw chorus, as he sings, "Scaled the side the building/ I ran to the hills till they found me/ And they put me back in my cell/ All by myself, alone with my thoughts again/ I guess my mind is a prison and I'm never gonna get out."

"Mind Is a Prison" follows previously released tunes "Jesus in LA" and "Must Have Been the Wind," Alec's first ferings since his smash debut mixtape, Narrated For You.

Listen to "Mind Is a Prison," and watch the lyric video below.