AJ Mitchell Recalls Being ‘In Awe’ Meeting Stevie Wonder, Reveals Who He’d Love to Collaborate With: Watch

AJ Mitchell recently stopped by the Billboard fice for an episode "You Should Know," where he chatted about what inspired him to start making music, the time he met Stevie Wonder, why he would like to collaborate with Lil Wayne one day, and much more.

Mitchell tells Billboard that he first began making music at the age six and was initially inspired to do so by his father. “I was singing when I was four, and then when I was six I saw that my dad was writing songs at the time,” he explains. Deciding that he wanted to be like his dad, Mitchell also started writing songs, with it eventually turning into a competition between the two them over who would produce the most tracks.

Asked where the first place he ever performed was, Mitchell shares that as a child, he played piano during a church talent show that his music teacher put on. “I went and it was my first time performing,” he recalls. “I was so nervous, I almost didn't even go up there.”

In the interview, the “Slow Dance” singer also remembers the time he felt the most starstruck, stating that when he was invited to The Voice, he had the opportunity to meet Stevie Wonder, who was performing there with Ariana Grande. “I've loved Stevie Wonder ever since I was a kid,” Mitchell says. “Love his music. He's such an incredible writer, so seeing him for the first time, I was just in awe.”

As for who he would love to one day collaborate with, Mitchell names Lil Wayne, confessing that he’s been a huge fan his since he was a kid and citing I Am Not a Human Being II as one his favorite albums all time.

“I think he's a lyrical genius,” the singer says Lil Wayne, revealing that the tattoo on his arm was inspired by some the rapper’s lyrics (“I wear my heart on my sleeve, so don't be breaking my arm”) from the song “IANAHB.”

You can check out the full "You Should Know" episode with AJ Mitchell above.