Zomby announces 'lost' album Mercury's Rainbow

The collection Eskibeat-inspired instrumentals has been nearly a decade in the making.

Zomby has announced the release his ‘lost’ album Mercury’s Rainbow and shared the first single, ‘Delvaux’.

Released tomorrow (November 24) on Modern Love, the 2xLP – which was recorded in an “intense” two-week period around 2008-09 – is described in the press release as “16 quickfire shots Wiley-meets-Isaac Newton in hyperspace.”

Mercury’s Rainbow “loosens up and liquifies the Eski riddim,” as pioneered by Wiley, “rendering its bones and sinew in varying states reactive, physical deliquescence or GIF-like micro-organisms.” See the tracklist and artwork below.

Zomby announces 'lost' album Mercury's Rainbow


01. ‘Mercury’s Rainbow’
02. ‘Choke’
03. ‘Poison’
04. ‘Static’
05. ‘Delvaux’
06. ‘Silver Ocean’
07. ‘Immersion’
08. ‘Waterfall Of ice’
09. ‘Rigamortis’
10. ‘Whirlpool’
11. ‘Tet5uo’
12. ‘Solar Ashes’
13. ‘Horizon’
14. ‘Patina’
15. ‘X Ray’
16. ‘Atoms’