Skippa Da Flippa Calls Coach K "50 Year Old Hater," Wants Out Of Quality Control Contract

Quality Control has been one the most popping labels to come out Atlanta in a while. Led by Coach K, the indie label has gone on to produce talents like the Migos, Lil Yachty, and OG Maco. One the most underutilized and slept on artists on QC is Skippa Da Flippa, spitting with marvelous flow and unprecedented cadence. Yet, for some reason, Skippa has not gotten the shine that he deserves. Much like Takef Migos, Skippa is an incredibly talented individual that has been relatively concealed among a roster such strong talent. Takef has started to become recognized by mainstream audiences, but the same cannot be said for Skippa Da Flippa.

The ATL rapper fired f some shots to his label on his Instagram story, going straight for Coach K and asking if they’ll let him out his 360 deal with Quality Control. His talent has gone relatively unnoticed, although he has shined on tracks with Lil Yachty, Young Thug, and Migos, prompting the rapper to want to explore other options. Skippa wrote, “50 YEAR OLD HATER” in reference to Coach K during his tirade, claiming that he never switched up on anyone. 

What will happen with Skippa Da Flippa’s current situation with QC will likely unfold soon, but it looks like he may need to ride out the remainder the contract. One thing is for sure, Skippa deserves a little more shine. With his talent, he can surely become a big name in the game, he just needs the right backing.