Meek Mill Demanded His DJ Stop Playing Future During Made In America

Is Meek Mill at it again? Just as the sting of his one-sided beef with Drake has begun to subside, Meek may have taken a shot at another rapper who’s known to do some singing.

During his Made In America set today, Meek admonished his DJ for playing Future.

“You’re playing all motherfuckin’ Future tonight, nigga,” Meek said as his DJ played ‘Freak Hoes’. “You don’t play some motherfucking rap too? The hell is you doing, nigga? Play some hot shit too. My niggaa Future on Made In America.”

Apparently, the DJ was playing a lot of Future. So this may have been more out of frustration than any problem Meek may have with Drake’s good buddy. Check out the clip and let us know what you think.

Did meek just diss future?

— Xmghiphop (@danielgotskillz) September 6, 2015

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