Jhene Aiko Addresses Rumors That She Cheated On Her Ex With Big Sean

If you happened to have missed it, Jhene Aiko made headlines this past weekend after she gave an interview on BBC Radio and opened up about her dating timeline with Big Sean. Aiko revealed that she first went on a “date” with Sean “just as a friend” back in 2012, while she was dating another man who was “secretly” married.

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As it sounds, some people took this as she cheated on her then-boyfriend, while others thought Jhene was referencing her ex-husband Dot Da Genius, who she privately married and divorced a couple years later. However, it appears neither those cases are factual.

After this semi-controversial “date” became a hot talking point for people on Twitter, Jhene felt the need to clear the air on Monday, giving exact details her timeline with Sean. Jhene says her and her ex-boyfriend were not speaking at the time her & Sean’s first date, and that she only told him about the basketball game out respect. She wrote on Twitter:

“I saw a negative spirited tweet about myself, with lots retweets and likes… based on one QUOTE from a FULL interview that was about ONE MOMENT in my life in which i did nothing but go to a basketball game lol… this quote has turned into gossip because speculation…before u respond, continue to read. yes i do have time today. in 2012 i was in a relationship w/someone who was secretley still married to his baby’s mother the while hear and a half we were together… this person was not Dot. the whole year and a half we were together*i found out and we began to seperate… he moved out my apt, we stopped speaking… and then i went to basketball game w/ a  friend. even tho we werent speaking, i called my then boyfriend and let him know i was going because im considerate 🤷🏻‍♀️ lol. it was a cool game! lots laughs, we drank beer… and this last part may upset many u… but after the game… i went home… there was no sucking,fucking,kissing, hand holding or sexting that followed.  went on to lose my brother 2 months after that basketball game. i remained single for awhile and decided to focus on my Nami and recording my ep “sail out” &  album “souled out” … and sorry to dissappoint yet again, but me and sean remained platonic friends through out.”

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Check out Jhene’s lengthy twitter rant (below), and let us know what you think. Is Jhene wrong for going on the date with Sean or is Twitter blowing this out proportion?