It’s Very Unlikely Suge Knight Infected Eazy E With HIV Or AIDS

Last week, Eazy E’s son put a lot of new oxygen into the long standing rumor that Suge Knight infected his late dad with the HIV virus.

It’s a theory that’s also been endorsed by E’s manager Jerry Heller.  Knight himself even co-signed it by bragging about his ability to weaponize the HIV virus with a needle on Jimmy Kimmel in 2003

The only problem with the theory is that science says it’s extremely unlikely.

Speaking to the Washington Post, Justin Goforth, the director of community relations for Whitman Walker Health, explained why it is so hard to believe that Knight could have stuck E with the deadly virus.

“Needle sticks are an extremely difficult way to get HIV,” Goforth said. “They’ve got good data because of health-care workers like myself being stuck by needles by people that are known to be HIV-positive. So a needle stick itself, if the blood is known to be HIV-positive, it’s about a third of a percent chance of getting HIV from a needle stick. But that’s really different from sharing injection drug needles where you’re actually injecting a decent volume of the other person’s blood into you. That’s different than a stick.”

What about all of Eazy’s baby mamas and sex partners who never got AIDS? Some say this is evidence of Knight somehow giving E a dose of late stage AIDS, which killed him quickly.

Goforth had an explanation for that, too.

HIV is very hard to spread through vaginal intercourse, he explained. (Anal is a different story, which is why there is so much AIDS in the gay community.) So there’s nothing unusual about an AIDS-stricken E not infecting his many sex partners.

Suge Knight has done many terrible things in his life. But infecting Eazy E with AIDS is probably not one of them.

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