J Lawson is officially launching his musical career with “Outer Space.” The soulful track is a clear representation of J’s journey in life. Stepping away from his folk roots, Lawson mixed a myriad of genres to try and create a song that perfectly eclectic in its sound and style. This release is a  special song written about his wife Megan Fong which talks about a journey to “Outer Space” to celebrate love and the commitment of the souls. If you’re a sucker for beautiful love stories, this song will be a perfect fit for you.


Giving us goosebumps with his smooth vocals, Lawson sings from the heart over groovy tunes. Discovering music at a very young age, J was inspired by his cousin’s piano teacher, who he still admires to this day. Today, Lawson is paying it forward by teaching young kids to learn music alongside his partner Megan in their home-base of Hawaii.


Growing up life wasn’t always easy for Lawson. He had to go through so many hardships in order to survive. But what is most remarkable in his story is his love for music, and the insane passion he has for it. We will be keeping a close eye on this rising superstar, as he is just getting started.


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