David Banner Is Suing Lil Wayne For Unpaid Royalties

Oh the irony. Lil Wayne, who’s suing Birdman for unpaid royalties, is now being sued by David Banner for the same thing.

Banner claims Young Money owes him $138,787.19 for producing ‘La La’ and ‘Pussy Monster’, which appeared on 2008’s Tha Carter III. Additionaly, he says he is owed $15,392.57 for ‘Streets is Watchin,’ which was on the 2009 Young Money compilation album.

According to Banner, he may be owed even more money.  The quoted figures are just what Young Money told him he was owed in 2012 (but never paid), and the total could be larger now.

Given that Young Money is an imprint of Cash Money, it’s entirely possible Birdman’s policy of non-payment is what’s spurring Banner’s lawsuit. If that’s the case, we guess that would make it all a bit less ironic.

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