Bankrupt 50 Cent Has Sold His Music Catalog; Is Trying To Rent His Mansion

50 Cent’s financial struggles are starting to look more and more real.

Yesterday, Fif appeared under oath in a bankruptcy hearing in Connecticut, and was grilled by Justice Department lawyers on his finances.

According to the New York Daily News, the 40-year-old seemed “confused” during most the of proceedings, and struggled to answer basic questions about his accountant and his banks.

His lawyers disclosed that Fif had recently sold sold his entire catalog of music to Kobalt Music Group for $6 million to raise money for living expenses, and to pay the two big lawsuit settlements he’s been hit with.

His lawyers also revealed that 50 is trying to rent out his 18-bedroom 37-bathroom mansion — which is costing him about 70K a month — in an attempt to get his finances straight and pay off his debts.

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